Our journey to simplify the use and adoption of crypto began in 2017.

We knew two things - 1) that crypto was the next big thing, and 2) that it was tough, if not impossible, to get those who didn’t understand it yet to become new users. Even if they were excited and also believed, the task of getting them some tokens often failed due to the many steps needed to sign up for an account and eventually secure a wallet address. What if there was a way they didn’t need to have a wallet already? Out of that thesis, IVY was born.

Using revolutionary new methods, anyone with a smartphone can now generate an instant address and accept any basket of tokens just by scanning a QR code. By removing the need for new users to have a wallet already - the friction of becoming a new token holder just went from twenty steps to one step. Anywhere you can put a QR code, IVY delivers actual custody to any basket of tokens. No middleman, no third-party storage - you scan it, you have it.

Enter the world of NFTs and the need for seamless token delivery.

Now, anyone with a smartphone can accept NFTs. No need to already have an account, gas, or install an app or extension. IVY allows for instant, actual custody delivery of NFTs. And, by using our IVY Dispensary™ technology, a single QR code can deliver a unique NFT to each person who scans it, allowing for the delivery of many unique NFTs, instantly, to large audiences. Baseball Stadium? Music Festival? Video Game? Sidewalk? Anywhere you can put a QR code, IVY delivers tokens.

We are happy to say that we are finally ready to unveil IVY to the world this week during the NFT.NYC conference in New York. Launching and minting NFTs on The Skale Network, along with help from Republic Realm, we will begin distributing the first-ever IVY NFTs to the world. With the low cost, and speed of SKALE, we will deliver tokens at no cost to users just with a scan of their phone.

Follow us @ivyscan to learn more about where to find and claim one of these initial NFTs as we place them at select secret spots around the city. Just look for the blue IVY stickers, and scan them to get your unique NFT. We will select holders of these NFTs to receive special prizes, including 10,000SKL, Fantasy Island NFTs, and more - in the coming weeks.

Visit ivy.cash to learn more about our technology and get in touch with me if you see a fit for IVY in your token-based business.