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seen tokens move like this.

Using our patent-pending visual value transfer, you can can store and transfer any basket of tokens to someone else (i.e. NFTs, WBTC & USDC) with just a scan. Neither sender or receiver needs an account, an app, or a crypto wallet. We have selected an initial group of beta testers, and will soon be going live on The Skale Network. Sign up below and follow @ivyscan to be the first to know when release our second batch of codes to the public.

No app, extenstion, or account required.

Ivy allows anyone with a web browser to interface with the underlying tokens. A truly decentralized un-hosted wallet, when funds are in Ivy, access to them is only dependent on the user having the data contained in their browser. When using the Ivy Web Utility, it is conveniently shown as a QR code.

Better yet, anyone can build on top of the smart contracts. They are public, and can be called by anyone who wishes to use them. We are excited to see what you will build! Stay tuned, more coming soon.
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Instant delivery to millions of people.

Take the confusion out of transferring tokens using Ivy by removing the need for new users to have an existing wallet. For example, allow anyone with a smart phone to accept NFT's using Quick Response Code (QR) technology. Like a coin in your pocket, if you have the QR code, or the private key paramaters it holds, you have everything you need to transfer its’ underlying value to someone else.

You have full custody.

Any unclaimed Ivy Code has all the information that is needed to give that value to someone else. No additional seed phrase, key, or password is needed - just keep the code safe. You can use your browser password manager, or another secure storage method of your choice.

It’s important to note you can always directly call your funds on the smart contract using another interface (i.e. MetaMask, Command Line, etc.) with the important point being that you are always in control of your funds. Ivy never controls your tokens, only you do.

Meet our team

Our journey to simplify the use and adoption of tokens (crypto, NFTs) began in 2017. We are a diverse global team with a successful history in Europe and Silicon Valley - bringing decades of experience in telecom, software and blockchain product development. And, an advisory board that’s always considering how to truly inovate, by
making tokens easy to share.
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